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Spent this week in the universe of mommy blogging and half-assed housekeeping.

Although I absolutely excel at it, I never seem to get this word right.
Thank god for spell checkers.

And dictionaries. I like ‘’, it has language options etc.. procrastination - definition of procrastination by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia._1283491811372

Wiki also states

three criteria for a behaviour to be classified as procrastination: it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying.


Sitting on it.

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I haven’t really done anything much about my plans to become a teacher other than announcing it to my family and some friends. Although I am a master in procrastination, I am not worried as this is a long-term project and as long as my son is in kindy only 2 days per week, I cannot really sacrify much time to it.

I still believe it’s a great idea, but admittedly, I am hoping that the result of the elections, with impending savings or cuts on school budgets in Australia will not come in the way of my professional project.

I refuse to believe that two important languages such as German and French could be considered as mere ‘luxury’ (cultural) education as opposed to the whole world learning languages with the outlook of using it in their professional life.

But whatever it will be, I will gladly teach those languages in some kind of cultural ‘niche’, I even believe that my very own culture and knowledge of both, France and Germany, will help to enrich my classes. I actually wonder what kind of teacher I will be ….

French movie du soir.. on sbs

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A Very Long Engagement

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A very long engagement
(Original title :Un long dimanche de financialles )

I actually had never seen this one before. Good movie. World War I (one) is as present in the memory of the French as WWII.
With all due respect, that almost surprised me at times though… But then again, when I lived there, there was still a handful of veterans alive – the last “poilu” (hairy one..) died at 110 years old in 2008…

About the movie :
Although I  found Audrey Tautou a little bit annoying after the big success of “Amelie Poulain” (and she WAS good in that…), she was lovely (still a bit cutsy too) in the role of the polio-stricken fiance of a deserteur whom she does not believe dead inspite of what has been reported. Her research of the truth and the tales of war of the people she meets, are touching and feel authentic and universal, even today, almost 100 years later. I’d say at least 4 stars out of 5. 🙂

Not in front of the kids ! (Please?)

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Ok. So i won’t actually comment the election campaign in Australia. It sort of stresses me though, because of the degree of populism, disinformation and pure attention-seeking old school election behaviour – like kissing babies and running in Speedos..  Yuck. And I can’t vote, of course.

I am looking forward to change that, and I hope that my son will one day have a clear view and understanding of the democracy he lives in, so that he can make the right choices. Right now, he is too little to really understand any of it.
I am quite glad about that.

But even primary school kids see through the act. A newspaper in Geelong published a couple of drawings, I thought this one was quite clever :

Julia Gillard : “Bring it on !” – Tony Abbott : “Oh, it’s on !”
(and  what are they having in their hands, respectively… is it horseshoes ??) School kids draw Gillard, Abbott_1282042360996

found on : Primary school student Bernadette Barry satirises the tough talk between the leaders. (Photos: Geelong Advertiser)

LOTE – not compulsory (yet)..?

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Googled "LOTE" and found this on ABC News from a while ago. (LOTE stands for "languages other than English"… )

Government plans LOTE teacher boost

By Melinda Howells

Posted Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:32pm AEST

Education Minister Geoff Wilson says between 70 and 80 extra teachers will be needed to reintroduce foreign language studies in Queensland schools.

The State Government says languages other than English (LOTE) will be compulsory for students in years six, seven and eight by 2012.

In an answer to an Opposition Question on Notice, Mr Wilson says 90 new LOTE teachers will graduate this year and 500 qualified teachers are working in different subject areas.

See.. this is interesting for several points.. First, I am still getting used to this odd ‘LOTE’ word. Is there something wrong with the term "foreign languages" or just "languages" ? Is it not politically correct ??
And am I strange to feel somewhat ‘insulted’ by the fact that all other languages, including my mother tongue, which could be classed and filed in so many ways, are simply thrown in one big pot of all ‘non-English’ languages? (Do you speak English ? Yeah, and I also speak a few "other" languages, but never mind. So ODD! )

More importantly though, this tells us that foreign (LOTE!) languages are NOT compulsory yet in Australia in secondary education. This is indeed odd, if you consider the passion for travel of the Australian Youth, the linguistic isolation of AUS (with NZ) towards the rest of the region and the fact, at least I think so, that learning another language opens indeed the horizon for other countries and cultures in a way, that a country full of immigrants should have discovered a long time ago..

It dawns on me that while I have grown up and learned first English (compulsory) then French (compulsory choice, the other being Latin) with passionate teachers and prospects of easy travel and future professional use, I might be looking into teaching two languages here, that are considered rather ‘casual’ choices.. Almost like accessories at a 19th century girls college. D’uh. altfoto

Make a difference

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…from the website of the Department of Education, Qld.
"How to become a teacher.. " (click)

A list for "Career Changers" (the other part of the list was for young students of course)

1. Decide what age group and subject areas you would like to teach.

.. uhm. Although there is a movement to start language training with the little ones, traditionally, languages are taught to senior students or adults. Actually, any age group is fine for me. I think the older the students, the more interesting it can be, though, because of literature and culture elements that can be part of the program.

2. Consider what qualifications you already hold and enquire about university teacher education programs, such as Bachelor of Education or Graduate Diploma programs that are relevant to your chosen teaching area/s and building on any existing qualifications and skills you have.

I have the languages. It’s a fact. If I will have to prove my language skills, I am happy to pass exams, too. As for the Bachelor or Graduate Diploma.. what exactly do I need, and where to get it, is not clear to me yet.

3. Seek some experience working with children, such as volunteer work and coaching sporting teams.

Check. I have been an assistant gym teacher to kids from 3 to 13, I have given tuition to teenagers. I have a child, who is a piece of work all by himself, lol .

4. Complete a degree that will give you qualifications to become a teacher. You will need to do well in both the academic components and practice teaching components of the qualification.

So what is this ? Is this redundant to 2. ? Confusing. And what’s up with the patronising "you need to do well in both.." ?! D’uh! I will excel. I am Mrs Awesome. Hello !?

5. Apply for teacher registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. Teacher registration ensures that only suitable and qualified people are employed as teachers in Queensland.

This is obviously the main goal. To get all the qualifications I need to be actually able to register as a ‘real’ teacher.

6. Apply for employment as a teacher in either a Queensland state school or a nonstate (Catholic and private) school.

Yep. Just being registered obviously doesn’t get you onto a job yet. I think private schools are better paid. But they are posh and the whole elitary idea annoys me a little. Oh well, it really would not matter would it ?

7. Make a difference in your students’ lives.

Aww. That is so noice!.. Not exactly useful at this point for me but hey, still an ok list.

go girl go !

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After one night’s sleep, I am already a little bit more sober about the whole idea but I still think I should try.

Try to be a teacher for French and German in Australia. It seems so obvious.

I spoke to my husband about it. He was a bit confused at first and probably forgot for a second his foreign wife speaks indeed not one but two other languages than him.. Then he realized that, indeed, studies of only the educational modules should be an achievable goal and an affordable too, and we talked about it a little bit for a while. He agreed it’s an excellent idea.

Now how to get around to it ?

I will have to research things further. Then start calling people at the right spots. I think the Queensland Dept of Education is obviously where I have to find out what I actually need. But I am also planning to ask wildly around, the Goethe Institute, the Alliance Francaise, and teacher’s associations… well, whatever I come across.

Who knows, if the shortage is really still acute enough, I just might get an opening sooner than I thought, or get a scholarship or something, even if that’s normally reserved for the youngsters and those that are open for any location.. Which I am not, obviously.

But the support of my husband is a very good point to start with. If whimsical me doesn’t get a bit of thumbs up right from the start, ideas just come and go, even the big ones.